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Frankfurter Neue Presse/ Taunuszeitung, 26 November 2002


It was certainly a minor sensation that the Greek conductor Lisa Xanthopoulou won the third Bad Homburg Conducting Competition in summer, especially as the profession of a conductor is still a man's domain. And her success is even more remarkable based on the high standard of this competition and the fact that the young musician from Berlin managed to win over 50 rivals..... However, the charismatic artist was scarcely granted the time to prove her communicative, artistic powers in all their intensity, after all, such baroque works are now frequently performed in the authentic fashion without a conductor. The formative and modulating element of gesture only reached its full flowering in the late Classical era. Yet Lisa Xanthopoulou managed to bring out the musical features, for instance the groupings of three in the Third Brandenburg Concerto, which is shaped throughout by the holy number of three. Hers was a transparent interpretation, with great nuance in dynamics, manifesting with power and rhetorical intensity the enthralling quality of this work by the Cantor of the Thomaskirche.


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