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A convincing "Maestra of Tomorrow"

NRZ Essen, January 24th, 2004

A convincing "Maestra of Tomorrow"

Soft Tones from the Folkwang Chamber Orchestra and Guitarist Dylla at the Hügelkonzert
...Furthermore, there was a guest at the rostrum of the Folkwang Chamber Orchestra: her name is Lisa Xanthopoulou, and it is up at the top of the "Maestros of Tomorrow" artists' list. This Greek conductor provided an energetic rendition of Francesco Geminiani's brief Concerto Grosso op.3.4, with vibrant partitions defining the slow passages and clear lines for the quicker ones. Rossini's Sonata for Strings Nr. 6 in D major, developed with a warm, melting sound, is an early work lacking the composer's typical popular handwriting which produced so many evergreen melodies, easy to sing along with even if one has never heard them before; rather, this piece was written in the distinguished chamber style, and there is only the "Tempesta" storm scene with its lightning and driving rain of scales that is an indication of the opera composer Rossini was later to become. In this case, the Ensemble was more successful in terms of musical expression than technical precision.
Expansive Sound Based on Symphonics
Finally, Lisa Xanthopoulou developed an almost symphonically expansive sound for Joaquin Rodrigo's "Fantasia para un Gentilhombre", creating an profusely splendid Southern European atmosphere with a light brass timbre. 

Klaus Albrecht

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