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Bravos and Thunderous Applause

Taunus-Zeitung 14.05.2005

Bravos and Thunderous Applause

Bad Homburg. Two outstanding musicians, both women, were enthusiastically celebrated by the audience in Bad Homburg at this season's final evening of symphonic concerts at the Kurtheater: Lisa Xanthopoulou and Gulnora Karimova earned thunderous applause and many cries of "bravo!".
During the opening piece, the overture to Verdi's opera "La Forza del Destino", one could already feel the conductor's stringent determination, as she created many a contrast by dramatically juxtaposing cantabile and dramatic elements. Lisa Xanthopoulou led César Franck's Symphony in d minor brilliantly. She built up great tension during the initial movement, was extremely careful when embarking on dynamics, and led the orchestra in a balanced and comprehensive performance. During the second movement, her conducting defined the undulating theme, and in the last movement she made sure that the recurring motifs from both previous movements flickered discreetly against the brash overall sound.

Michael Jacob

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